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Name of fee/charge Amount What you need to know
Annual fee $99 Applies after your first purchase, and on the anniversary of that first purchase every year afterwards.
Interest rate 24.99% pa The same rate applies to interest bearing balances, such as cash advances and outstanding retail purchase balances, after the 0% interest promotion period expires.
Cash advance fee 3% of the cash advance or $3, whichever is greater, capped at $30 Applies to cash withdrawals from your account, or if you make a BPAY payment to a biller who doesn't accept credit cards (we will ask you whether you want to make the BPAY payment as a cash advance before you make the payment). This fee cannot be avoided if you make a cash advance. You can access cash from any ATM around Australia. Simply select "credit" and then enter your PIN. Using Westpac ATMs will help reduce your fees. You won't pay the industry wide ATM operator fee when you use a Westpac ATM.
International transaction fee 3% of the purchase or cash advance Applies to all purchases & cash advances made in a foreign currency or from a merchant based in a country outside of Australia.
Late fee $30 Applies if you fail to pay the minimum monthly payment by the due date.
Paper statement fee $2.50 per statement You can avoid this fee by opting to receive your statement online. Simply login to the Online Service Centre and register for online statements.
Payment handling fee $2.50 (in person)
$0.95 (online)
You can avoid this fee by making your payments via mail, direct debit or via the Online Service Centre.